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You sat in your room and stared at the clock on your wall, while you listened to the sounds of your parents fighting downstairs and sighed. It was eight o’clock. The seconds dragged by, and the noises downstairs became louder and louder. Finally you snapped and ran downstairs two at a time, heart racing. You unlocked the door, flung it opened and sprinted into the night.

You ran until you were a few blocks from your house. You stopped for a while to catch your breath, looking around you, trying to adjust to your surroundings, shivering a little bit. You hadn’t anticipated the cold. You had only brought a light jacket and regular running shoes. You shivered and shoved your hands into your pockets. Your breath came in steam, and you thought you felt a slight drizzle dampen your hair slightly. A fierce wind buffeted your (h/c) coloured hair, and you stumbled a little bit.

“Stupid cold...” You said grumpily. “Dumb winter. I hate this weather.” The wind howled at your back and forced you to walk faster. You found your feet wandering the familiar path to the forest just outside of your neighbourhood. You reached the edge of the trees and stopped, looking up through their bare branches. It was very dark, but you were long past fearing that. You walked cautiously through, being careful not to trip over any tree roots. Your feet automatically followed a well worn path to a small clearing in the middle of the forest.

You reached the end of the path at the edge of the moonlit clearing. You walked over to the large rock in the middle, and placed your hands on its shiny surface, worn from hundreds of hands and feet before you. You and your friends had always hung out here when you were younger, but that was years ago. Now, only you came here regularly.

You carefully climbed to the top, feeling all the hand and footholds. You sat down, crossing your legs, and looked up at the full moon. It was so bright and beautiful. The stars around it twinkled, and you sighed. Looking up at the night sky always cheered you up a bit.

You breathed into your hands from warmth and rubbed your arms. Had it gotten colder already since you’d gotten here? You wouldn’t be surprised. It was winter, after all.

You heard a loud rustle in the tree tops, and looked around at the bare trees. “That’s strange...” You whispered out loud. “I didn’t think there would be any animals out this late in the season...” You gazed back at the moon, disregarding the noise. Clouds had started to gather, just on the borders of your vision, and it started to snow softly.

You shivered, your breath coming in steam. The snow had brought with it a great temperature drop and you hugged your legs for warmth. You wished you had brought warmer clothing, but you didn’t dare go back home to fetch anything. You shivered slightly, teeth chattering. What were you going to do in this weather? You couldn’t stay out all night. No, you would have to go back home eventually.

You were about to get up and go back home when a voice suddenly spoke behind you. “Hey, you’re sitting on my perch.” It said. You whipped around, you were sure you had been alone, and you hadn’t heard footsteps. You yelped and scrambled back. Right behind you, exactly at eye level was a boy, maybe a year or so older than you, with white hair wearing a blue hoodie and leather pants. You noticed he wasn’t wearing shoes, but his feet didn’t show any signs of being cold. He had eyes that reminded you of ice, but what surprised you about him was that he was crouching on a tall stick placed on the ground.

“Y-your perch? This is my spot!” You said defensively. “You scared me!”

The boy looked surprised. Very surprised. His eyes looked like they were about to fall out of their sockets, and you would’ve laughed at that, had you not been so surprised by his sudden appearance. Quickly, his face went back to normal. “That’s always been my spot! I sit there all the time, you probably just didn't see me.”

“How could I not see you? Nobody could miss you!” You said. “Who are you, anyway? How can you do...” You gestured at his balancing act. “That?”

The boy laughed. “I’m Jack Frost.”

The name rung a bell with you, but you couldn’t quite place where you’d heard it from. You thought for a moment, “Jack Frost... Isn’t that some winter spirit or something?”

“Yup! And that’s who I am.” He said confidently, smirking a little bit.

“But he doesn’t exist! It’s just a myth!” You huffed. “Who are you, really?”

The boy looked hurt and for a moment you felt a stab of pity. It was quickly replaced by annoyance again. “How can you see me if I’m just a myth?”

“Because you’re not Jack Frost, obviously!” You said, almost at a shout.

“Could anyone who’s not me do this?” He asked and stood up on his stick. You gaped at him. He balanced as easily as if he were on solid ground! He lightly hopped to your rock and all around his bare feet, frost started to form in pretty floral patterns. He reached for his stick, which was still standing upright to your amazement, and touched it to the rock’s shiny surface. Instantly, the rock was covered in the beautiful frost.

You stared at the pattern. You shook your head and blinked multiple times. “No, that’s crazy. That didn’t just happen, did it?” You shakily reached out and touched it. A bit came away in your hands and melted. You raised your (e/c) eyes to meet his icy blue ones. You noticed the snow getting heavier around you. He smiled, “Still don’t believe me?”

“I...” You stared at the pattern on the rock again. “So... You are Jack Frost... Maybe... What’s that thing, anyway?”

“What, this?” He asked, raising the wooden stick he was holding. You nodded. “This is my staff. I control the weather with it.” He held it up and it sparkled as it caught the moonlight. A flurry of snowflakes swirled around the two of you. He sat down, and his staff brushed your leg slightly, sending a huge shiver of cold through your body. You flinched away from it. “But anyway, what’s your name? You never told me.” He said cheerfully.

“Oh... I-I’m _____.” You replied, teeth chattering. “D-did you j-just make it s-snow?”

Jack smiled brightly at you, “Of course! Everyone loves snow!”

“Yeah... Everyone...” You grumbled, looking away and brushing a few flakes off your clothing to save it from being soaked. You coughed, and a puff of steam left your mouth.

“Well, you’re not dressed very warmly, _____.” Jack said, smirking.

“Well, look who’s talking!” You huffed. “And a-anyway, I d-didn’t have a chance to grab anything on my w-way out of the h-house.” You shivered, teeth chattering.

“Why’s that?” He asked curiously, bright blue eyes staring into yours. You looked away.

“Well, uh...” You hesitated. Should you really tell this strange boy about your life? It’s not like it could really hurt. “W-well, my parents were- um- f-fighting and I- uh- w-wanted to leave b-but...” You hesitated. Why’s it so hard to talk? This guy’s making me nervous. There’s something weird about him, even if he is supposedly Jack Frost... You thought to yourself.

Jack noticed your nervousness. “So you ran out before you had a chance to take anything with you, except your shoes, obviously, and then you walked here and I found you.” He supplied with ease.

“Y-yeah, exactly.” You paused. “Where did you come from? How d-do you even exist?” You had always been intrigued by mythology and magic. You’d believed in fairies when you were a kid, but you’d never thought you’d meet someone like this.

Jack looked at the moon, and you followed his gaze. “...Truth is, I don’t really know. It’s always been this way. One day, I woke up, and the moon told me I was Jack Frost. Then I found this staff, and I’ve been controlling the weather and stuff ever since. Only snow, though.”

“Huh...” You said, looking down into your lap. A few moments passed before you spoke again. “You s-said I probably didn’t see you in the past. C-can you become invisible, or s-something?

Jack laughed, “No, I don’t really need to. People can’t see me, normally. This is the first time someone your age has been able to see me... Ever, really.” He smiled wistfully. “Nobody has really seen me before.”

“Oh...” You said, thinking. “So... w-why am I different? And can you please make it stop snowing, I’m going to catch a c-cold.” You sneezed, as if to prove your point.

“Oh, uh, sorry about that.” Jack said, and the snow abruptly stopped.

You sighed, brushing a few remaining snowflakes off of you. “Thanks.” You said, feeling a tiny bit warmer. You rubbed your hands together to try to get some warmth back into them.

Jack sighed. “I don’t know why you’re different. Especially since you didn’t remember who Jack Frost was right away... Don’t get me wrong, it’s great having someone to talk to, especially after nearly 300 or so years of solitude-”

“Wait, what? 300 years?!” You asked in astonishment. “Just how old are you?”

Jack scratched his head awkwardly, “Well, biologically, I’m 17 or so, but I’ve been around for just under 300 years.”

You gaped at him. “And all that time, you’ve never had anyone to talk to?”

Jack looked at you. “You’re the first. Well, the first normal person, at least. As far as I can remember. Being by myself is fun, though.” He said, trying to reassure you. “No responsibilities, I get to do whatever I want, and I’ve travelled the world

“Wow...”  You said, unsure of what to say. The two of you were silent for a while, gazing at the sky. The snow sparkled in the treetops like the stars in the sky, and the trees rustled in the wind, shaking some of the fresh snow from their branches onto the ground surrounding their roots. You found it rather peaceful, rather than horribly cold.

“Sometimes I wonder why the moon chose me...” Jack started. “The only thing he ever told me was my name... And that’s it. No kid has ever seen me before, and if they have, it’s only been for a second before they turned away again. Definitely no one as old as you. No offence.” He added hastily.

You smiled, “None taken. I’m glad I can see you, though.” He smiled at you.

“This is great!” He said excitedly, eyes wide and smiling a toothy grin. “We’ll be able to have so much fun! We can have snowball fights, and you’d be able to hit me back! Nobody’s ever done that before!” He said, laughing.

You couldn’t help but laugh with him. You hadn’t had a good snowball fight in a long time. “That’d be fun!” You beamed.

Suddenly he got up. “Hey, I have an idea.” He held his hand out to you, and you took it, standing up. He looked into you (e/c) eyes, “_____, do you trust me?”

“Well, um... I guess so...” You said, taken aback by the question. “I mean, I’ve only known you for like, just under an hour.” You looked at him with an accusatory expression, “Just what are you planning to do, anyway?”

“We’re just going to have a bit of fun!” He said brightly.

“That sounds suspicious but-” Your voice broke off as Jack grasped your hand suddenly, surprising you. His hand was as cold as ice! You blushed slightly. “What- Ah!” Jack waved his staff and a sharp gust of wind almost knocked you off the rock. He held your hand tightly and to your great surprise, took off into the air.

“What-? How is this-? Oh god, we’re so high up!” You yelled as the two of you zoomed upwards, shutting your eyes tightly and clinging to the winter spirit’s hoodie.

Jack laughed loudly, “Relax, _____! You’ll get used to it.” He said, wrapping an arm around you. The wind died down slightly so you two were just gliding. You hesitantly opened your eyes and were amazed by what you saw. The two of you were flying over the city, the lights below looked like little yellow stars on the ground. The air was frigid, and your (h/c) hair whipped your face, but you didn’t care anymore.

“Wow...” You whispered breathlessly, gazing down at the sight below. “It’s so pretty...” You could see freshly fallen snow on all the rooftops and on the bare branches of trees. Everything sparkled with frost and ice.

Jack smiled at you, but you were too amazed by the sight below you to notice. “Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah... Is your staff doing this?” You asked in amazement.

“Yup! I’m controlling the wind with it.” To prove his point, he waved his staff sharply, and a gust of wind blew the two closer to the ground, flying closer to the tops of the trees. If you tried, you could reach your fingers out and touch the snow. The wind picked up again and carried you away.

“I’ve never been so high up before!” You said over the wind whistling in your ears. “I mean, I’ve been on planes, but nothing compares with this!”

Jack smirked, “Well, it’s the first time you’ve ever met someone like me, so I’m not surprised.”

You giggled, “That’s true. But I never thought flying around at night in the freezing cold could be so fun!” You laughed.

“Of course!” The winter spirit said, doing a twirl. You whooped happily.

The two of you flew around until the moon was low on the horizon. After one particularly large dive, you realized you were close to your house. In fact, not a moment after you had realized that, Jack landed you two there, and let go of you.

“Awww, do I have to go home?” You whined childishly.

Jack grinned lopsidedly, “Now, normally I would say ‘Of course not, stay here in the snow!’ but I think you might be coming down with a cold.” He said, feeling your forehead.

You blushed and then sneezed into your elbow. “Ugh, I bet you did that! I was fine a minute ago...”

“That’s 'cause we were flying. When you’re under the influence of this,” He held up his staff, “you’re immune to the cold.”

“Oh...” You said, disappointed. “Wait, how did you know where my house was in the first place?” You said, suddenly suspicious.

“I, uh, followed you from your house to the forest.” Jack said, rubbing the back of his neck and looking about shiftily.

“Wait, WHAT?!” You yelled, then clapped your hands over your mouth, realizing how loud that was. “You stalker!” You whispered.

“Hey, but look how it turned out! If I hadn’t followed you, I’d probably never have found you, and we wouldn’t be here right now!” Jack reasoned. “Besides, it’s not like I expected you to see me or anything. I like people watching. It makes me think of what it would be like to be normal...”

“But still, I don’t like being followed.” You said, crossing your arms. You looked away, then back at the boy and noticed his downcast expression. “Uh, there there.” You said, awkwardly patting his shoulder. “It’s ok, you have me as a friend now.” You smiled lightly.

He smiled a little bit back at you. “Thank you, _____.” Awww, now I really don’t want to go home! You thought.

You smiled and forced yourself to turn away from the winter spirit. You walked to the edge of the roof and knelt down, bending over the side and feeling around for the handle of the window. You found it, and pushed it open, crawling delicately down to the window sill and hopping into your dark room.

Jack hovered just outside your window. “Um, do you want to come inside?” You asked him, hoping he’d say yes.

“No, I’d better let you get some sleep.” He said sadly. You sighed inwardly. “Well... I guess this is goodbye then, _____...” he said, turning to go.

You ran over to the window and grabbed his arm before he could fly off. “When will I see you again? You can’t leave forever, this was too much fun! Most fun I’ve had for a long time, really...” You said quietly.

He smiled, “I won’t leave forever! No way, not after I’ve FINALLY found someone that can see me! Think of all the fun things we could do! I’ll be back, don’t worry.” He said reassuringly.

“Ok.” You said, finally letting go of him. “Promise?”

“Promise.” He said, crossing his heart with a finger. With that, he flew away from your window, into the night sky, doing some twirls as he went. You smiled as his figure shrunk into the distance. You flopped down on your bed without bothering to close the window and fell into a deep sleep.
I FINISHED IT :iconfinallyplz: Bwaaahh, I wanted to post it yesterday because it was winter solstice and stuff but I was LAAATE. Oh well. Haha, jumping on the massive Jack Frost x Reader bandwagon. Also, I have no title for this. If anyone thinks of one for it, tell me, then I'll use it and give you credit here yaaaay~~

Also, happy not-dead-yet day!! :iconchocoloveplz:

By the way, I threw in some head-canons too sorryyyyyy...

Next chapter [link]
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